What is Cloud Computing?

Simply put it is being able to access the computing 'software' or program you are using anywhere that you can access the Internet.


Because the computer program or software is not on your computer, instead it's on another computer (server) that you access through the Internet.


You don't have the hassle of installing it on your computer, or having to worry about your computer dying or getting damaged, you can access the data you need from anywhere even if it's not your PC or tablet. Get a new computer? No problem, just log on and all your files and accounting data is still there.

A big plus is that Cloud servers have almost no downtime. The companies that run them have built their whole business on keeping them up and running, backed up and supported, so a lot less IT support calls for you!

Best of all - freedom. Freedom to work from wherever you want and access data whenever you want.

Accounting in the Cloud

Accounting in The Cloud is even better, because now you can allow others restricted access to your files to assist you, advise you and report for you remotely. New legislation and regulations are built into the system as they happen and you don't have to 'upgrade' everytime this happens, you just 'log in' and it's there.

Most Cloud accounting solutions also have an app for mobile, so for those of you often out of the office, your 'books' are now in your pocket and you can even send an invoice whilst still onsite with your customer!

Back to Business Bookkeeping is a partner to several accounting applications that are Cloud based, so we can help you make an educated decision about which solution is right for your business.